Embracing the Power of Authenticity

If you want to see the power of defining your “why,” look no further than St. Thomas Aquinas Young Adults (STYA). In a culture that overly values appearances, STYA recommitted themselves to building a community of authentic young men and women who live the Christian life together.

The good news was that STYA had a lot going for it; what we needed to do is to help the team discover and explore that special something that makes them great.




Web Design

Start With Why

Truly innovative work that makes a difference goes beyond cool looking logos and pretty websites (though they certainly have a role). We started with lots of listening, talking, soul-searching and whiteboarding — whatever it took to clearly articulate their ‘Why’.

In a culture that’s filled with noise, only organizations with a clear, consistent, and authentic message are heard. We would need to examine the very core of who STA Young Adults is. Through this process, we helped create the framework they needed to shape everything they do– from their events and priorities to the way they communicate with their community.

Communication Starts at the Core

If we make cool looking graphics and use motivating language, people will hear our message and get on board, right? Well, not really. In order to effectively communicate an important message, everything you do needs to speak the same cohesive language.

In the case of STA Young Adults, we not only needed to help them to articulate their why and their core values, we needed to create a Brand Guide that teaches them how to say it. We developed a system of patterns, icons and design elements that could be used in all of their communication, from their website to their yard signs.



Purpose Leads to Action

Clearly defining your purpose and discovering clear language with which to express it lays the foundation to executing creative elements that cut through the noise. With STA Young Adults, we needed to create brand tools that best communicate what they are all about. But good communication always leads to action, and STA Young Adults needed to decide what actions their ministry would call their community to take.

We worked with STA Young Adults to identify each step along the way as a guest became a host. We clearly defined the stages and touchpoints that moved each person through the culture that had organically grown up around STA Young Adults and helped to turn that into a formal process by which they could intentionally welcome their guests and form them into leaders. The results have been dramatic.

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We Are

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